Data warehouse and analytics for a leading charity

Mobile vide of the be the business data analytics dashboard

Our client is a charity that works to help businesses perform better


Data warehouse and analytics

The challenge

Since its founding our client has rapidly grown as an organisation. As they have grown, the amount of data they need to manage, analyse and understand has also increased.

They run a variety of programmes, from mentoring partnerships with universities through to online tools. The data they collect is varied, from highly qualitative information, through to detailed business metrics. Combining these very different data types & data sources into a single data warehouse which can be meaningfully queried was a huge challenge, and a great opportunity.

The approach

We worked closely with the client to understand how their programmes operate, what kind of insight they needed to generate, and what operational changes would be required to achieve these insights.

Knowing this, we were able to construct a data model that could be applied universally across their programmes and products and that would form the foundation of their data warehouse.

The solution

Having defined a data model, the insights & analysis required, and the operational changes to effectively get these insights, we were ready to build the solution.

We used Power BI as the backbone of this solution, integrating with an existing Salesforce implementation and leveraging other Microsoft technologies such as Power Apps where required.

We guided the business in the operational changes required to ensure data consistency, including the generation of system maintenance reports to ensure ongoing data quality.