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We’re a full service team that can take your project from initial problem identification to scalable technology solution, delivering real commercial value.






London, UK


Across 7 countries

We build, launch and manage technology for:

the steer73 team

Local Coverage,
Global Talent Pool

As a remote-first team with coverage across the UK and 6 other countries, we can be on site at the drop of a hat, yet recruit from a global talent pool. Benefitting from diversity of thought and solutions, hiring the best talent regardless of location and being able to staff up your project quickly.

a full-service digital transformation agency

We build, launch, and
manage large scale,
business-critical systems

From fast growing UK SMEs to enterprises with global budgets and highly complex operation requirements, we act as long-term partners, delivering transformative technology.​These are just a few examples of large scale, multi-platform systems we have built.

With specialists in Azure, Microsoft Power platform and custom software development, our team can help you pull together disparate data, transform it, and display it, to give meaningful insights, oversight and control.

B2B Customer Portal

We manage customer portals globally for Chubb (Web, iOS and Android, Azure Cloud, ERP and system integration)

B2C Mobile App

We built and manage the entire online ordering platform for Camile’s 40+ restaurants (Web, iOS and Android, Azure Cloud, ePOS integration).

PC Software

We built and manage the warehouse scanning system for one of the UK’s largest retailers (Web, Windows PC, Azure Cloud, Power BI)

Our shared mission

Each member of our team is an expert in their field and we are all on a shared mission to:

”Improve the performance of businesses and the lives of their people and customers, with technology.”

Want to join the team?

“The attention to detail, clarity, quality and pace which Steer73 deliver customer features is outstanding which creates a working relationship more akin to a joint venture than a supplier / customer standard.”

Ongoing Development & Support

As a technology partner to our clients, we don’t just deliver a project and walk away. ​Our client relationships typically span many years while we ensure they get the most out of the technology we build them. ​


Your Technology Partner

When the time comes to build a new website that integrates perfectly with your app and pulls actionable data from multiple sources to drive actions at each customer touch point, you have a team on hand to help. A team that truly ‘gets’ your business.

We have a team that specialises in delivering projects in five primary areas: ​

It’s never a bad time to talk with us!

No matter what stage your project is in, we would love to speak. The earlier we start talking, the sooner we can help shape the best solution for your organisation.


How and when it all started

The Steer73 team has been assembled with one objective in mind: to deliver world-class digital transformation. Since 2014 we’ve grown quickly and delivered a wide range of complex projects for blue-chip clients like DHL, Paddy Power and Chubb.

We emphasise technical excellence, repeatable process and long-term relationships with our clients. We’re commercially minded, our senior team have led high-growth startups or worked in a corporate environment.

We love getting out and meeting different businesses so if you’d like to discuss a project, please get in touch.

It’s never a bad time to talk with us!

We’d love to discuss any technology development requirements you have. No matter what stage your project is at we'd be happy to speak with you.