Productivity analysis for a global logistics provider


Our client is a global logistics firm


Productivity analytics and reporting

The challenge

Our client engaged with Steer73 to build software for a new kind of hardware device that improves warehouse productivity – i.e. how fast deliveries can be processed and shipped.

Understanding productivity improvements is complicated, requiring analysis of large amounts of data that is collected by this device, as well as data held by the Warehouse Management System.

The approach

First, we had to understand how to benchmark against current productivity, as current processes had less of a digital-first approach, data was not readily available.

Having defined the processes to benchmark against, we clearly defined the set of reports to create, and given the complexity of analysis required a roadmap for this analysis – beginning with high level data and building out to a detailed set of reports and dashboards.

The solution

Using Power BI as the processor we produced a set of reports and dashboards that gave the client unprecedented insight into their operations and allowed for new kinds of productivity improvements to be made.