Steer73 launches Evac One

As a digital transformation agency we know the impact technology can have on a business. Much of the work we do is custom development to solve a companies specific problems, to create an advantage over competitors or to innovate in a new area. But we also develop solutions to more general problems we identify in a market.

An area we identified that is inefficient and costly for many companies is office and safety management.

Modern businesses often have sophisticated systems in place to manage all aspects of their company, but we found they still resorted to books and spreadsheets for keeping track of basic office & safety tasks such as fire alarm tests, safety procedures and other office tasks. This outdated approach creates inefficiencies, takes additional time and so carries a cost.

While there are a range of Enterprise grade solutions to many of these problems, the vast majority of businesses have relatively simple requirements that were not being met at an affordable price.

So we built Evac One.

Evac One provides companies an easy to use, cost effective and comprehensive platform for managing their office and their health & safety obligations. Using it, a company can manage all their office management and safety tasks in one place.

We were launching Evac One amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and the new safety requirements forced upon businesses have been front of our mind in its development.

Screenshot of Evac One software user interface design and admin dashboard on a tablet and desktop

An updated look and feel

For instance, Evac One provides a simple way to manage who is in the office on what days, and ensure office capacity under social distancing is not exceeded. It even provides a contact trace report feature (a feature we greatly look forward to deprecating).

Our Office Access feature lets employees select what days they want to be in the office, and the system allocates out who can have access based on a simple prioritisation system.

Evac One also provides a number of other convenient features for managing an office: for instance an asset log for keeping track of on-site assets, a task list for ensuring key H&S tasks are completed and a safety log where all mandatory H&S tasks can be recorded (such as fire alarm tests and drills).

Digital transformation takes many forms, digitising the manual processes that exist in many offices is an easy way for businesses to save time and improve the quality and level of compliance to key H&S requirements.

Our plans for Evac One are significant, we see it as the one platform any business needs to manage their workplace. And with the rise of a mix of remote and office based working this will only become ever more important.