Steer73’s new website and why we launched it

At Steer73 we are constantly looking to improve and evolve our business and this month (November ’20) we launched a new website. This website reflects our business’s ongoing improvement, evolution, and growth.

We thought it would be interesting to share the reasons behind launching the new website and the principles behind our thinking.

An updated look and feel

We have been updating our company style guides this year, something reflected in the many documents we produce, and it was time for the website to be similarly updated. This visual update gives the website an up-to-date look and feel.

Principle: Online design trends evolve constantly, and it is important to keep any website regularly updated to reflect this.

Easier to understand

Our old website contained a lot of information about our processes. This is important, but we found it was taking people too long to get the answer to the simple question “what do you do”.

So, we updated the website’s layout, and created a new information hierarchy to make it easy to understand the services we offer and the expertise that we provide.

Principle: listen to users and provide them the information they tell you is most important up front

Screens displaying Steer73s updated webpage with new web design

Steer73 Insights – an investment in content

We are starting to invest heavily in content. We are already producing a large amount of content internally, that feeds into our various Playbooks, and we are now starting to expose that content externally.

Steer73 Insights is a new section of our website where we will be sharing how we deliver digital transformation projects and how we develop digital products.

This part of the site will grow significantly in 2021.

Principle: information should be free, the trick is how you apply it.