Building a Global Customer Portal

Chubb is one of the UK's best known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses, operating across 20+ countries.

For over 200 years, their mission has been to make the world a safer place by protecting their customers with essential systems, equipment and services.

Black iPhone mockup displaying the UI design for Chubb security mobile platform
Case study on CHUBB

The Problem

Chubb needed to produce a single customer portal for the group that enabled their customers to interact with Chubb’s entire suite of services, all from one location. There was no ‘one stop shop’ where customers could:

• Handle regular admin tasks such as invoicing
• Access the entire suite of services that Chubb can offer
• Monitor information related to the services Chubb provided them

In the absence of such a system, each region had started to develop their own solutions, risking the creation of a fragmented architecture and customer experience.

Furthermore, without a digital means of customer interaction, Chubb was not able to make improvements to operational processes.

The brief, in partnership with key stakeholders at Chubb, was to deliver a system that provided a scalable and consistent data architecture to power the entire customer relationship in each region that Chubb operates in.

The goals

✅ Provide a best in class digital customer experience and replace legacy systems

✅ Enable more effective marketing & engagement with a single source of truth for customer relationships

✅ Digitise reporting, thus reducing costs

✅ Enable operational improvements to benefit both customers and the business

✅ Provide a scalable and consistent data architecture to support the business into the future

✅ Deliver a global product, providing a consistent platform for all regions including language locatlisation and local data integrations

Solution definition

A single customer portal that could be deployed in each country individually to match the needs and capacity of each region.

The system would comprise of:

• A responsive web portal
• A native mobile app
• Many complex integrations e.g. with ERP’s and monitoring systems

In addition to building, launching and managing the customer portal project, there was a significant amount of operational and customer digital transformation work that required to ensure that each of the processes of this 200 year old company was optimised for a best in class digital experience.

Mockup of web portal, customer portal and helpdesk portal for Chubb security

The tech

✅ Web application
✅ Native mobile app
✅ Scalable Azure architecture
✅ Complex integrations e.g. ERP, custom monitoring systems

Delivery methodology

✅ Agile
❌ Waterfall

Product services

✅ Stakeholder interviews
✅ Business process mapping
✅ Customer research
✅ UX and UI design
✅ Requirements analysis and definition

Other services

✅ System migration
✅ System launch
✅ Operational digital transformation
✅ Customer digital transformation

Business impact

For Chubb

✅ A best in class and differentiated customer experience, delivering true competitive advantage
✅ Revenue upside via reduced churn, upselling and winning more customers through a better customer experience
✅ Operational savings from operational improvements enabled by the digital platform
✅ A consistent and scaleable technology platform

For Chubb's customer

A significantly improved customer experience.

Customers now have a single, digital place to access:

✅ All invoicing and reporting information
✅ All monitoring information across all the services that Chubb offer
✅ Real-time and instant access to information