Restaurant loyalty app
for Boojum


Boojum are a casual Mexican burrito bar with award winning food at great prices. They have over 15 outlets across Ireland and Northern Ireland. 


Mobile app development

Screenshot of the boojum restaurant loyalty app

The challenge

Boojum had an extremely successful paper-based loyalty scheme and a very loyal customer base using this. They wanted to transition to a digital loyalty system and gain the advantages an app provides – more direct marketing, customer engagement, and a platform for longer term growth. 

Importantly, the system had to be developed around existing infrastructure – for instance their ePOS system and online ordering were already in place, so we needed to develop a solution that worked within the constraints of these third-party systems. 

The approach

We worked closely with Boojum to understand how the scheme currently operates, understand the brand and create a user experience that matches the expectations of their customer demographic. 

We also worked with their third-party suppliers to develop an integration that enabled us to deliver a good customer experience, while working with the parameters of existing systems. 

The team at boojum restaurant celebrating

The solution

The Boojum app was released for iOS and Android and was quickly adopted as a customer favourite, rising to the top 50 in Apple’s ranking for restaurant and food apps. 

It was an especially important tool through the COVID-19 crisis, providing a convenient way for customers to order food. 

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